2020 will go down in infamy as the year the pandemic brought modern society to its knees. The entire world stopped. And our concept of “busy 24/7” fizzled into “lockdown 24/7”… and yet… something new was about to emerge. In the face of such life altering conditions, the resilience of the human spirit took hold. It spread around this world into a life changing opportunity~

Both cultural connectivity and rebellious positivity spread.

... In the spirit of this new wave, i.cluie was founded.

 During the lockdown, we sat chatting and Zooming with friends and family from near and far distances. Our discussions centered around who we were now and what we had become. We were all in need of inspiration to forge ahead.

Like many people in our bubble, we sat around in tracksuits and bare skin faces,  hungrily taking in all the internet was able to offer our binging minds.

Once our attention went to what we were wearing, we started complaining about having to make our appearance conform into something socially acceptable. The restrictions (too young!) and discriminations (too old!) that existed pre- pandemic absolutely had to be renegotiated!

We found our inspiration.  Our decision was made to jump into the fashion world… be cluie. i.cluie.

Well, we were not going out any time soon and that meant no one was going to fill their social event calendar with personal appearances. However, we had an opportunity here…

We could see that what young people were being drawn to was pleasantly surprising. They favored mostly what we loved: punk grunge rock looks, Jane Austen trends, the vintage retro style of Coco Chanel-La Garçonne; androgynous clothing like boyfriend pants and oversized shirts.

Well, hold on, I thought. Don’t the youth of this world keep saying we understand  nothing about their world? True, some of us were part of the Beatles generation. But more of us were screaming out lyrics with ABBA, Queen, Bon Jovi, Nirvana, and Neil Young…  Jane Austen was, and is our all-time favorite, too!


At i.cluie, we delight in curating fabulous discoveries in clothing: no age restrictions, no discrimination! We know deep down lies our elegance and beauty, and we will still be so in anything we choose to wear.

Confidence rises from wisdom, not arrogance
Laughter springs from within, not from shallow shade
A light shines from kindness, not ditzy cynicism.

Style who you are, dress that comes from within you.
Fashion is our second skin~ decorative, expressive, comfortable.

Stretching our imagination, we can be a look apart from the rest, look expensive, playfully envious, and naturally, sensual. New looks are just that: new. But, your look is all about who YOU are. So freely choose to be you!

We believe there is no need to compromise on style in terms of price or quality. i.cluie guarantees that high quality imported and home brands can be offered at reasonable prices that backed up by gold star customer service and satisfaction.

We won’t compromise:

  • High quality
  • Handmade Jewelry
  • Designer clothing produced in small lots to conserve waste
  • Sustainability conscious production that wherever possible, use natural fabrics, or recycled and recyclable materials.
  • Lovingly produce by fairtrade workers.


We are contributing and so will you!

No! to domestic violence is our way of holding hands with women who think they are all alone in this world. We support empowering young girls who will create and educate the next generations where abuse is never acceptable..

We are women, stand tall and be cluie. i.cluie!